Redundant Query Plan Branches

Consider the following “basic_member” view definition from the Credit database: A simple SELECT from this view returns 8,498 rows and has the following plan shape (and I’m boxing in an “areas of interest” via SQL Sentry Plan Explorer’s rendering of the plan): We see that the view has a predicate on member_no NOT IN the […]

SQLIntersection: Unashamed Database Engine Coverage

On the week of April 8th, in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, I’ll be delivering a few sessions at the SQLIntersection conference along with some pretty incredible company, including: Aaron Bertrand, Sr. Consultant, SQL Sentry, Inc. [blog | twitter] Andrew J. Kelly, Mentor, SolidQ [blog | twitter] Bob Ward, Principal Architect Escalation Engineer, Microsoft […]

SSC Article – Windows Server 2012 Deduplication – Should you use it with SQL Server Backups? just published the following article: Windows Server 2012 Deduplication – Should you use it with SQL Server Backups? This new Windows Server functionality is promising, but from a SQL Server DBA perspective there are some areas you should be careful of and I explore some of the considerations in this article. Cheers!

Columnstore Segment Population Skew

My last post about nonclustered Columnstore indexes was written back on February 25th, 2012 (Exploring Columnstore Index Metadata, Segment Distribution and Elimination Behaviors).  Amazed by how quickly time passes. Anyhow, this is a quick post on segment population skew based on parallel nonclustered Columnstore index creations. I’ll use the same 123,695,104 row FactInternetSales table I […]