New Course: “SQL Server: Query Plan Analysis”

Yesterday Pluralsight published my new course, SQL Server: Query Plan Analysis. The short description is as follows: “Learn how to interpret and analyze SQL Server query plans, making performance problems easier to recognize and understand, applicable to developers, DBAs, and anyone responsible for SQL Server, from SQL Server 2005 onwards.” As of today, that makes […]

Which LOB pages are associated with a specific columnstore segment?

Chalk this post up as an “exploratory” mission based on the following question… How do I track which LOB pages are associated with a specific columnstore index segment? Jonathan Kehayias and I discussed this the other day and hashed out a few options for tracking this. To illustrate this topic and keep it at a […]

Validating Instance-Level Index View and MERGE Optimization Activity

You may have read the blog posts a few weeks ago regarding indexed views and MERGE statement usage and incorrect results. If not, please see the following blog posts: If you are using indexed views and MERGE, please read this! (blog | @AaronBertrand) NOEXPAND query hint returns wrong results – CU fix now available (blog | @jamiet) […]

Are Filtered Statistics Useful with Parameterization?

This post is based on a question I received last week… If we have a filtered index that was not a match for a query due to parameterization (or a variation of which the parameter is not known at compile time), we can see the unmatched filtered index name in the UnmatchedIndexes element of SHOWPLAN_XML […]