New Course: “SQL Server: Query Plan Analysis”

Yesterday Pluralsight published my new course, SQL Server: Query Plan Analysis. The short description is as follows: “Learn how to interpret and analyze SQL Server query plans, making performance problems easier to recognize and understand, applicable to developers, DBAs, and anyone responsible for SQL Server, from SQL Server 2005 onwards.”

As of today, that makes 15 SQLskills-authored courses available in the Pluralsight library (Pluralsight author course links below):

Glenn Berry

Paul Randal

Jonathan Kehayias

Joe Sack

Erin Stellato

We have much more planned across the team, so stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “New Course: “SQL Server: Query Plan Analysis”

  1. Joe,

    I have a Pluralsight subscription for the SQLskills courses alone. Everything else is just gravy. Keep up the great work!



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