In SQL Server 2012 RC0 there are a number of event session templates provided that make creating a commonly used session easier using the Event Session Wizard in SQL Server Management Studio.  One of these has a bug in it’s definition XML file that was filed in the following connect item:

If you attempt to pick the Activity Tracking template you will get the following error:


The error is occurring because the event_sequence action is provided by package0 and not sqlserver. To work around this, you can edit the template file and replace the sqlserver package references with package0. The template is saved in the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Templates\sql\xevent\xe_activity.xml

If you do a find for:

<action package="sqlserver" name="event_sequence" />

and replace it with:

<action package="package0" name="event_sequence" />

th template will work correctly once saved. This will at least let you play around with this while Microsoft works out the bug in the template XML.  A copy of the corrected file is attached to this blog post as well.

xe_activity.xml (18.28 kb)