And so another conference begins… it’s time for Fall SQL Connections – in Vegas!

OK, so for those of you who watch our (Paul’s and my) blogs… you know it’s time for SQLConnections. We’re in Vegas (and it’s Paul’s first time here!) and the conference is the largest it’s ever been with over 5000 people!!! We arrived a couple of days early so that Paul could experience a bit of Vegas… last night we went out to dinner with Gert and Karen (Gert’s wife) and Michele and Andres (Michele’s husband) and we went to Mix. I have to admit that I didn’t like my main course all that much (I had only one bite of the Cod dish) but everyone else loved theirs (especially the steak/foie gras special)… the 24,000 sphere chandelier was VERY cool and the views of the Strip are outstanding. Tonight we’re (MLB/Andres/us) off to see Elton John. Gert and Karen are off celebrating their anniversary… CONGRATS!!

And today, we’re getting ready for the conference – having just picked up our shirts (which Paul – yes PAUL – is about to iron…lol) – we swung by to checkout how things are going in terms of setup. It’s always amazing to me to see how much goes on behind the scenes of some of these big events (I blogged about some of the behind the scenes of TechEd here) and well, we caught the 30+ people who were setting up and “building bags” for the 5000+ attendees…….

And, so begins our first conference as a married couple… and all of our sessions (for the most part) are together. It’s actually really fun to do sessions together as we’re able to bounce things off of each other, take notes on things we want to change and/or questions that are asked AND it allows us to keep things moving without a lot of stops. And, to be honest, it’s not quite as tiring… but, with 2 pre-conference workshops, 5 sessions at the conference, multiple meetings/dinners/side-events and then a hands-on post-conference workshop on Friday – we’ll both be pretty tired!!! We get back home late Friday night and then we have about 30 hours in Redmond to relax (NOT!) before we head to TechEd ITForum in Barcelona next week. From Barcelona we head to Zurich for a TechNet DeepDive session on Database Maintenance…… November is quite a month for getting around!!

Hope to see you here (or in Spain… or in Zurich… or next year),

2 thoughts on “And so another conference begins… it’s time for Fall SQL Connections – in Vegas!

  1. You guys were great at Vegas. I had already been in Vegas for a week and was wondering how I would hold up for one more week. But you two had a very good tempo going. Your Sessions were very informative, I really felt I learned a lot.

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