Budgets, training, where is your money best spent?

I’ve tackled this type of question before but it’s a very challenging thing to decide. Budgets are tight and training is always hard to quantify. However, working more efficiently and effectively – when properly trained – means smoother operations, less downtime, less data loss, less stress.

So, if you’re looking for some ideas on training (conferences vs. traditional classes vs. “immersion events”) then check out my post where I explain different events and different types of training here.

As for the most in-depth – and public event that Paul and I offer… it’s coming up quickly in San Fran and I thought I’d do a quick post to get you some details.

San Francisco, CA – Oct 6-7-8, 2008
SQL Server 2008 Workshop for DBAs/ITPros (and even developers who just want to know more about how things work!). This is probably closest to an Immersion Event but it’s great because we’ll be doing lecture and hands-on (bring your own laptop) by handing out our newly updated 2008 Hands-on lab DVD (which has a 2008 RTM VPC on it that does’t expire until 12/31/2009!). Here’s a link to a detailed post that Paul did about the event here and click on the pic above to get to the site itself. This will be a relatively small and in-depth event where we get 2.5 days to cover a ton of new 2008 features (and general best practices/tips/tricks)!

Finally, Paul and I have been offline a bit recently as we’ve been out of the country – first, presenting in London, Dublin and Edinburgh and then attending Paul’s sister’s wedding in Scotland (and then celebrating my (yes, 29 [again!]) birthday with a sight-seeing trip around Skye). I think I need to do a post with a few pictures… Paul in a kilt springs to mind!

Happy September!

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