Catching up on resources – the Accidental DBA workshops!

OK, we were in Iceland and then Florida for our Accidental DBA workshops and both went really well. People agree that there are quite a few involuntary/accidental DBAs out there and overall, we helped quite a few to see a lot of options for better performance, availability, recovery, and/or just manageability.

So, this is our “resources post”. We waited until after the SQL Connections delivery to post these as we figured we might add a few more to the list (as is typical when you deliver content more than once – it’s really never the same twice!).

Also, I used a few “interactive” (or build) slides in my presentation – specifically on transaction log backups and the concepts of “clearing the log” which really only clears the inactive portion of the log. To help you visualize this, I’ve added these slides here: (647.2 KB).

Finally, we’ve taken all of the scripts that we demo’ed and placed them on SQLskills on our Past Events page here:

And, if you were there and you think we missed something, feel free to ping me (or Paul!) with an email and we’ll make sure to update this resources post (and/or [at least] help you find it what you’re looking for!!).

Next stop – Microsoft TechEd ITPro in June (we’re back in Orlando again)!

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