OK, I've been pretty quiet this week… I had high hopes that I'd blog at least once or twice this week but the week turned out to be crazy busy as I presented T-W-Th at the SQL MCM (Microsoft Certified Masters) and then Fr at the Sharepoint MCM. The groups were really fun and wanted to go deeper and deeper into the technologies so on most days, I didn't even end lecture (which started at 8am) until 6:30+. So, it was a looooonnnggg week.

If you're interested, here's a link to the "very intense but fun" MCM programs: Microsoft Certified Master Program

Tomorrow, Paul and I fly out at 6am (to Florida) for SQLConnections. It's a packed week at Connections (a precon, a postcon and 5 sessions between us) and we're really looking forward to seeing many of you there! I'll be back to blogging soon as I know I still owe you the results/answers for the Tipping Point queries.

In the interim, check out Sean's Midnight DBA videos… he seriously needs to get some sleep! ;-)

Cheers to you all!