Exciting news about our upcoming Master Immersion Events in Dallas, TX

We’re getting very close to our start date for our first "Master Immersion Event" and in planning, organizing and handling all of the event details – wow, there's a lot of work involved! However, we've had so much fun at these events that it ends up making it all worth it when they come together so well.

For our first class – which is less than two weeks from today – we have some exciting news!

Our news is that we’re pleased to announce that SQL Sentry is going to be our exclusive sponsor for our first two Master Immersion Events in Dallas!

Several of our staff have attended similar Immersion events and they are, without a doubt, the best SQL Server training you can receive.
Gregory H. Gonzalez
President and CEO, SQL Sentry, Inc.

We are thrilled to have the support of SQL Sentry on these upcoming Master Immersion Training events! SQL Sentry has been pushing the envelope on the SQL Server tools markets for several years now and we are pleased to have them sponsor our efforts to extend MCM level education out to the SQL Server community. We are huge fans of their Plan Explorer product, using and recommending it often. We especially admire their devotion to busy DBAs everywhere by making this product free to the SQL Server community.

What SQL Sentry's involvement allows us to do?

We've added a full American breakfast to the food provided for the week and we've upgraded our lunches – (with all of the food sponsored by SQL Sentry). This is really good because our discounted hotel rate doesn't include breakfast and so this will be a great way to allow folks to get the right start to their day! And, covering lunch as well means that attendees don't need to rush around with only a 1 hour break, find food and return. Instead, attendees can relax and really take a break. They can have a leisurely lunch right at the event… and with coffee/tea provided throughout the day, and with low-carb (and high carb ;-) snacks served mid-afternoon, attendees won't go hungry and won't run out of energy! And, their budget is hit less with breakfast/lunch covered by the event!

We've also added a Monday evening "meet and greet" as well as two evening presentations (Tue/Wed) to give attendees even more information to use in their every day work.

Tuesday evening: Query Tuning with SQL Sentry Plan Explorer, presented by Greg Gonzalez, President and CEO, SQL Sentry

Abstract: Learn how to use this revolutionary FREE tool from SQL Sentry to wrangle even the scariest query plans. This session will cover key differences between Plan Explorer and SSMS, what to look for in estimated and actual plans, and various features that will help you get the most out of the tool.

Wednesday evening: Optimizing Performance with SQL Sentry v6, presented by Steve Wright, Director, Engineering Services, SQL Sentry

Abstract: This brand new release from SQL Sentry introduces several unique and cutting edge features, including active query plan capture for heavy SQL, plan analysis using the integrated version of Plan Explorer, additional Plan Explorer features made possible by active capture, historical query plan analysis, VLF problem detection, and more.

If you’re not already familiar with SQL Sentry’s FREE Plan Explorer, check out Paul’s latest SQL Server Magazine Q&A post “Judging the effect of query plan changes while tuning.”

It's an exciting time in general. For us, it's a new opportunity to show people additional products (including cool and powerful FREE ones!) that exist and can help them with their SQL lives. In fact, I remember the first time I saw a SQL Sentry product – it was in a small conference room at a hotel at an event where I was speaking (I'm pretty sure it was Connections about 6+ years ago). I didn't have a specific use (at the time) for what they showed but I remember thinking – if I had that need, that would be IT! Then, some time passed, SQL Sentry grew and grew and then we started running in it at customer sites. Finally, we met Greg (@SQLsensei) in person at an Immersion Event when he and one of their engineers (Brooke) attended.

We all got to know each other better (and put faces to the twitter accounts :)). Then, it seemed a strange coincidence, we started running into more and more customers that had their products installed… and, we started using them more and recommending them more and more… and then they released Plan Explorer. What a COOL and FREE tool. This is absolutely a huge win for the community and I'm pleased to be a part of spreading the word!

So, after really getting to know them, their products and their team – we’re excited to announce that they’re sponsoring our first two Master Immersion Events in Dallas.

We hope to see you at an event coming up soon!

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