Exciting news from TechEd 2007 – SQL Server 2008’s CTP3 is ready for public download!

Well, I’m not sure where May went but I do know that part of it went to my 2 weeks in Hyderabad, India at Microsoft IDC (the India Development Center) and what was left was spent getting ready for upcoming events such as TechEd (and some personal events too :). And, the first big hurdle of TechEd is over…yesterday, Bob and I delivered a full day preconference seminar on Leveraging SQL Server Always On Technologies to Achieve High Availability and Scalability and the day could have been a week long (ok, do any of you ever know of a one day event where we couldn’t expand into more time! :). But, the precon event went really well and was great fun. We had a lot of questions and ended the day close to on time but then we stayed late (Bob and I – obviously, and Paul Randal, too) for questions. In fact, Paul blogged about something he learned: the black box trace. Check out his blog entry and tips for using the trace.

Today was all about exciting future releases and the one at the top of my list: Katmai – now officially announced as SQL Server 2008. There are certainly many more details coming soon on Katmai but for now, here are a few interesting items to read/watch:

Website: SQL Server Katmai website
Press release: Microsoft SQL Server “Katmai” Builds on Proven Success of SQL Server 2005, Empowering Customers to Manage the Data Explosion
Whitepaper: SQL Server 2008 Product Overview
Download CTP3: SQL Server 2008 CTP3

And, there are quite a few other resources available! So, start checking out the upcoming version so that you are ready when it’s released! I’ll have a lot more to say…shortly (relatively speaking :).

More to come from TechEd!


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