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OK, so I can’t tell you how fast I type… I have no clue! But – I do know that people get made at me on IM chats because they (well, most of them) cannot keep up (especially my Father!!!)… And the key reason for why??! I tend to stay on the keyboard instead of constantly going for the mouse; I love learning shortcuts/keystrokes, etc. and I like creating them as well… SO – first, did you know that the SQL UE (User Education) Team documented many of the keyboard shortcuts? In the books online click on the small keyboard at the top of the right pane window. It links to “Using the SQL Server Tools, User Interface Reference, Keyboard Shortcuts.”


Second, did you know that you can create your own keyboard keystrokes within Query Analyzer? Check out Tools, Customize. In fact, Alt+F1 already exists (and cannot be changed) as object help. Highlight an object in the QA window and then press Alt+F1 – this will execute sp_help objectname. If you want keyword help (meaning a SQL keyword), highlight the keyword (like SELECT) and press Shift+F1 – this will give you context sensitive books online entry. I typically setup Ctrl+F1 as sp_helpindex (be careful – if you get an extra space in there it won’t work!) and Ctrl+3 as sp_helpconstraint.

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