Getting ready for Part 4, “Best Practices in Indexing” in the MSDN Webcast Series on Effectively Designing a Scalable and Reliable Database

Two days isn't enough time!

In fact, that's really true. There are so many interesting (well, I think they're interesting) aspects to Indexing that we could in fact do a whole 10-part Series on Indexing and it's likely that we'd still have other things to look at and talk about. So, in preparation for part 4 of my MSDN Webcast Series, I thought I'd take a few minutes to pull together a number of related resources. If you watch/read them prior to the webcast then you'll be a step ahead. To minimize overlap, part 4 is a myriad of best practices with more of the "what's" and "how's" to implement the right indexes – but not quite as much of the theory and/or the "why's" as I've done quite a bit of that before and even if you don't watch/read these resources BEFORE the session…you can use these resources to fill in the gaps and answers the "why's" AFTER the session!

So, let's talk about the session… I'm going to focus on SQL Server 2005 for all of my demos (and I'm going to try to be VERY demo heavy in this one) but quite a bit of the theory also applies to SQL Server 2000…

If you're interested in some of the "why's" and/or you want to hear the information for SQL Server 2000 and/or you just want to see what other folks have asked, here are your options:

Watch the MSDN Webcast titled: SQL Server 2000: Performance Tuning – Finding the Right Balance of Indexes which covers Index Creation Best Practices on SQL Server 2000
Watch the TechNet "It's Showtime" recording, recorded at Tech Ed Europe titled: Index Creation Best Practices with SQL Server 2005 which covers Index Creation Best Practices on SQL Server 2005 and really gets into a lot of the "why's"

Read many of the past blog entries – including A LOT of Q&As created from former webcasts by accessing my "Indexes" category on my blog entries here.

So, if you're not scared to spend quite a bit of time with indexes… I think there's lots of good stuff to review! At a minimum you should think about showing up tomorrow, I promise to give you Practical Indexing Strategies and a lot of demos to prove my point!

Effectively Designing a Scalable and Reliable Database
A Database Developer’s Primer to Proper SQL Server Development
Part 4: Best Practices in Indexing

Attend Part 4 LIVE on 26 August 2005 by registering at this link!

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