Thanks for being there! If you were there then you know – it’s was quite fun and you had a lot of questions – questions that I didn’t see until the session ended (whooops!). My Q&A dialog box was only showing a subset of questions so I didn’t know….. Well, now I do (that’s for sure)! I’ve got a huge list that I’m working through (I did get most of them in my 20 mins of text responses) but I will post the entire written-up Q&A over the weekend – to my blog – and then to my website and to MSDN shortly thereafter. The demo scripts are already on under Current Events (which will move within a couple of days to Past Events).

And – I guess I just wanted to say THANKS?! The great comments you posted in the Q&A (in addition to the great questions) really make my job fun! I really wouldn’t do what I do if it weren’t for everyone’s great support!!!

So – the entire audio presentation w/powerpoint presentation, demo scripts, Q&A and [not sure if they’ll do a] transcript should be posted to MSDN by mid-week next week. I’ll provide all of these links as soon as they’re available. AND – I think I’m going to request another webcast on Index Maintenance. Seems like that’s something everyone wants to spend more time on!