GrokTalks have been posted!

Scott Stanfield, a Microsoft Regional Director, had a great idea for Tech*Ed US (well, it was a great idea before he knew exactly how much work was involved :)…

He decided that he would get other Microsoft Regional Directors together to discuss (and record) interesting topics for just 10 minutes (of course, some of us went over… SORRY!). We could pick anything we wanted and then he would – with the help of a few other RDs such as Scott Golightly, Patrick “Beach Master” Hynds, Kate Gregory, and J. Michael Palermo – record our sessions to later edit and post on the GrokTalk site.

So, after A LOT OF HARD WORK – they’re done! All 35 of the GrokTalks are posted and you can find them on the GrokTalk site:

Finally, since I delivered a GrokTalk on Stored Procedures, I’m going to make sure that you have a comprehensive set of resources related to stored procedure optimizations here:

Well, now that should keep you busy…


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