I can’t not blog any longer!

After Clemens blogged about my not having a blog… I guess I couldn’t not blog any longer. And so I begin… In the past I’ve written content in the form of presentations, articles or classes, etc. They would go through editors, friends, anyone who would read it. Often they’d remove my sarcasm, bad spelling and/or polically incorrect 4-lettered phrases (that’s all I’ll say for now :) and following all of that there was often a delay in my opinions getting to anyone… Which is probably safer for me – but what the heck, time to have fun. Thanks Clemens?!

5 thoughts on “I can’t not blog any longer!

  1. Hi

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  2. Hi Kimberly,
    In SQL world, I come across lot of pple who admire the way how you explain a topic and impressed with your blogs. I was wondering how and when you started blogging… coincidentally it is precisely a decade back!

    Congratulations on your dedicated decade of sharing the knowledge 


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