Installing Data Dude CTP16 with SQL 2008 and Visual Studio

OK, so SQL Server 2008 came out *BEFORE* Visual Studio SP1 but VSSP1 was required (this was a bit annoying and created a lot of confusion/emails/newsgroup posts, etc.) but luckily VSSP1 came out only a couple of days after SQL Server 2008 RTM’ed. As for Data Dude, well, it’s not RTM’ing until later this year (I think there will be one more release – probably an RC0 – before RTM) but they’ve been pushing out various CTPs… so, what works with what and how the heck do you get everything to install?? Oh my!

Really, it’s very simple:

  1. Install Visual Studio 2008 (with Team System/Database Edition), then, install SP1

  2. Install SQL Server 2008

  3. Download/Install the latest Data Dude CTP. BOTH CTP15 and CTP16 work with SQL Server 2008 RTM but 16 has a lot of updates.

SQL/VS can really be installed in any order but this (above) is what was recommended as the best order. However, I’ve not heard any problems with SQL then VS. As for where to go to get more details on Data Dude – check out Gert’s “Data Dude” blog for links to the downloads and a lot of tips/tricks.

Have fun!

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