Intense Immersion Events are back – for 2011

As some of you may have seen from Paul's blog, we've started to announce dates and course curriculums for 2011.

I’m really excited about these events mostly because we just completed a similar event last week in San Diego, CA. Last week’s event was our last for the year and it couldn’t have gone better (or been more fun!). Once again we held our event at a Marriott hotel and this was the perfect spot for us (again!). Each morning we had breakfast in our patio area just outside our classroom. We had coffee/tea/water refreshed throughout the day and then we had a full lunch served on the patio. After class, most folks went over the lounge to relax and chat for a bit after the day packed full with information. We were staying in the hotel (as were quite a few students) and so we had a lot of time to socialize, relax and get to know each other better! And, no one had to run out for a rushed lunch trying to find a place where they could get food, eat and then be back within an hour. The food at the hotels have been really good (don’t get me wrong – it’s not gourmet food but the quality’s been way better than I expected!!).

So, while our primary focus is ALWAYS the technical content – the socializing, networking and extra discussions we’ve had have always been a heck of a lot of fun! Each event has been packed with info but relaxed enough (to a point) in terms of the logistics/venue to make learning (which is absolutely our primary focus) EASY and FUN!

It was with last week's event in mind that I've setup our new "Master Immersion Events" with the same style as our SQL Immersion Events.

For 2011, we’re offering two types of events:

SQL Immersion Events

These are our broader (but still deep) courses that often bridge the gap between beginning DBAs and Developers and Masters. We don’t have any SQL Immersion Events on the schedule yet but we plan to add some soon. Think of these classes as “intermediate to advanced” but more of an end-to-end story.

These classes run from 9-5:30 each day and end early (3pm) on Friday.

Master Immersion Events

These events are based on our concept of SQL Immersion Events (in-depth, focused, “immersion” in a subject) but with content largely derived by the requirements of the Microsoft Certified Master (SQL Server) program. Based on the original *SINGLE* 3-week (15 days) course, we’ve come up with 4 standalone courses. In fact, the content is what's driven these 4 courses into comprehensive, standalone curriculum regardless of whether or not you plan to get certified. And, the best part is that you do NOT need to take these courses back-to-back. The time between the courses can really help to give you time to absorb before coming back for more! If you do want to go on to take the exam and the practical lab, we recommend that you’re familiar with all of the content in our new 4-week, 19 day program.

These classes run from 8:30-6pm each day and end early (4pm) on Friday.

You can take them in any order but our recommended order is to take Internals and Performance first and then any course second/third/forth:

Master Immersion Event on Internals and Performance (5 days)

Data Storage Internals, Designing for Performance, and Indexing for Performance
Instructors: Paul S. Randal, Kimberly L. Tripp

Master Immersion Event on Performance Tuning (5 days)

IO Subsystems, Workload Analysis, and Performance Tuning Methodologies
Instructors: Brent Ozar, Paul S. Randal, Kimberly L. Tripp

Master Immersion Event on HA+DR (4 days)

Virtualization, Consolidation, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery
Instructors: Brent Ozar, Paul S. Randal, Kimberly L. Tripp

Master Immersion Event on Security and Development Support (5 days)

Database Security, Development Best Practices and Optimizing Procedural Code
Instructor: Bob Beauchemin

We're planning to run courses in Dallas, TX (Internals/Design in Feb, Performance in Mar), Chicago, IL (HA/DR in April, Security/Dev in May), London, UK (Internals/Design in April, Performance in May), all four in Bellevue, WA in August (you can take them as a series [if desired] OR you can pick/choose the week(s) that you want…and, it's an absolutely WONDERFUL time to see WA so having an extra day or two to see the sights is not a bad thing!) and then we're planning the entire series in New York, NY and either Atlanta, GA (or FL – probably Tampa area) in the Fall.

For more details, check out Paul's post (here) and then for full details about this training, including in-depth and complete curriculums for each class, along with the locations, schedules, and costs, see HERE. Registration for these courses will begin to open next week.

And, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot me (or Paul) an email.

We hope to see you in 2011 and we wish you all the best over the holidays!


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