Interviews with MidnightDBA are posted

At PASS we hung out with Sean McCown and Jen McCown (of MidnightDBA) and chatted… and, despite our better judgement, it was recorded. ;-) These aren't overly technical but they are fun! Enjoy!!

And, our favorite "travel tip" from the video is to know your plane and check your seat on In fact, I have a few other travel tips and I'm overdue on a meme that Kevin Kline tagged me in so I'll post that shortly as well.


2 thoughts on “Interviews with MidnightDBA are posted

  1. Do you have a duplicate copy of your passport? If not, make at least 3 photo copies of your passport. Leave one behind at your permanent address, 2nd copy with you when you traveling but not with the original passport (or keep it with your traveling companion). Incase you lose your passport, you would need the photocopy for your identification. While making photocopy, make sure to copy all the relevant pages of your passport (mainly the page with your photo and profile)

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