Is it really September? Here are some resources to check out!

Hey there everyone – Been a LONG time since I last blogged (sorry!)… key reason (fyi) is that I’m trying to find the ever-challenging work/life balance during the best months of the year (here in Seattle July/Aug are GREAT! months – September is almost always good too). Anyway, it’s been a few weeks and I thought I’d catch you up… It all started with some travel (of course) and I was in Chicago for a SQLskills Immersion event and then off to London for another event with SQL Server FAQ (aka Tony Rogerson). I returned during the CRAZY travel restrictions and had to check two laptops (sigh) BUT they both made it back without damage after I purchased kitchen towels, bed sheets, a blanket and a duvet (and two new [cheap] suitcases) in which to pack them. When I got back, I relaxed! I’ve been up to see the Athabasca Glacier and Johnston Canyon and just this week I took off a day to do the “Lotus Experience” Advanced Driving Course at Pacific Raceways/ProFormance Racing School. I’ve always LOVED driving so driving 700 miles to Johnston Canyon didn’t bother me at all (especially with great company and fantastic tunes – have you heard the latest Snow Patrol?) and the driving course in the Lotus was not only great fun but VERY informational. I’ve taken the Advanced Driving course before and I think EVERYONE should consider continuing their education in driving – things like Collision Avoidance, Advanced Braking (understanding proper driving under ABS), “high eyes” and so many other things…just make you safer on the road. OK, enough about all that fun/practical stuff…..let’s get back to SQL.

Some great new resources are out:

And – it’s now time to start enjoying Labor Day weekend, there ain’t no labor going on here this weekend. Enjoy – and check out those links next week. ;-)

Cheers everyone,

2 thoughts on “Is it really September? Here are some resources to check out!

  1. Hi Kim – Great to see you are coming through to South Africa for our local tech-ed, we are all looking forward to hearing you speak and I am sure you will really enjoy your trip!

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