Looking forward to London

Our next Immersion Event is in London. It follows our DevConnections conference in Karlsruhe, Germany (which was great fun) and a bit of a holiday in between where we've been driving and seeing a few places I wasn't sure I'd ever get to (specifically Liechtenstein and Luxembourg). Our driving tour definitely warrants it's own post and if you look on a map – you'll probably be a bit confused but our tour mostly includes castles and cathedrals (a longer/detailed post from one of us will definitely happen!). Here's our list:

  • June 5 – Arrival at FRA and then drove to Stuttgart to spend the night
  • June 6 – Drove Stuttgart to Liechtenstein through Austria to spend the night in Liechtenstein (*loved* it!)
  • June 7 – Drove Liechtenstein to Karlsruhe through Switzerland (stopping in Säntis)
  • June 8-9-10 – We were at the DevConnections conference in Germany. Had a great time and met a lot of fun SQL folks. We also met with the local user group(s) and had a few beers (and my favorite – a radler (similar to a shandy – because I just can't drink a lot of beer))
  • June 10 – After the conference ended we drove from Karlsruhe to Basel, Switzerland. Some good friends of ours moved to Basel about 8 months ago and we were determined to make it there! What a lovely city on the Rhine.
  • June 11 – Drove Basel, Switzerland to Luxembourg City, Luxembourg to spend the night
  • June 12 – Drove Luxembourg City to Bruges, Belgium to spend 2 nights
  • June 14 – Drove Bruges to Amsterdam, Netherlands to spend 2 nights
  • June 16 – Driving from Amsterdam to Cologne, Germany to spend 2 nights before we head to London (Saturday the 18th) to get ready for our Immersion Event!

And, that's where we're at next week. We're really looking forward to it. And, if you're local – feel free to join us for one of our evening presentations on Tuesday or Wednesday evening. We have two special evening events being presented by two companies whose products we both use and recommend. SQL Sentry's been a sponsor of ours since our first Immersion Event in the US and we're really happy they've come over with us to the UK. And, Fusion-io is a new sponsor for us; we're equally pleased to be hearing about their new products. If you’re interested in hearing about them and meeting us for some Q&A – please feel free to join us. The specific location details and session abstracts are within the links. Here's just a quick overview.

Each evening (Tue/Wed) – we'll start with an open Q&A from 6:30 to 7pm and then our guest presenter will present from 7 to 8:30. Then, we might be forced, once again, to head to the bar in the hotel. It will be a hardship but someone will have to do it!

Tuesday evening, 21 June 2011SQL Sentry will present: Tips for Query Tuning with SQL Sentry Plan Explorer and More!

Presenter: Scott Fallen, Technical Specialist, SQL Sentry, Inc.

If you’re NOT an Immersion Event attendee, please register for this FREE event here: http://SQLskillsLondonTue.eventbrite.com/

Wednesday evening, 22 June 2011Fusion-io will present: SQL at the speed of FLASH

Presenter: Mat Young, Senior Marketing Director, Fusion-io

If you’re NOT an Immersion Event attendee, please register for this FREE event here: http://SQLskillsLondonWed.eventbrite.com/

Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you there!

3 thoughts on “Looking forward to London

  1. Hi Kimberly,

    Welcome to London, I was thinking about to see you and Paul in Immersion Event in London.
    Now i moved back to Glasgow.


  2. All packed for an early drive to London tomorrow. I’m being daring by bringing spouse and son along; we figured they may as well take advantage of the hotel as a base for a London break, and they can smuggle back some late-night snacks for me.

    I suspect I am more excited about this week than my son is about starting school…

  3. @Ponnu-Paul went to public school in Glasgow and grew up in Helensburgh – so, we know that area well! But, not too close to come in for a day trip to London, eh? Maybe another time!!

    @Ewald-Trains/buses, etc. into London seem frequent! And, our Immersion Events are way more fun than school!!! :) See you tomorrow!

    Safe travels,

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