Microsoft eLearning Resources – Clinic 10259 (SQL 2008 DBIS)

When SQL Server 2008 was in beta, Paul and I worked on a project to create content that would "jumpstart" folks in learning and working with SQL Server 2008. We delivered these "new features" courses at various locations and finally, we recorded the content. All of this content is now available FOR FREE from Microsoft through their eLearning outlet. This course is officially titled and available as: Clinic 10259: SQL Server 2008: Database Infrastructure and Scalability.

There are 12 hours of lecture and demo content… lots of good stuff.

Modules & Lessons

Availability Enhancements

  • Module overview
  • Demo: Database Mirroring automatic page repair
  • Database Mirroring enhancements continued, automatic page repair, log stream
  • Backup compression and using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) to encrypt data
  • Hot-add CPU, DBCC CHECKDB enhancements, failover clustering enhancements
  • Peer-to-peer replication enhancements
  • Demo: Peer-to-peer replication

Policy-Based Management and Multi-Server Administration

  • Module overview
  • Central management server
  • Demo: Central management server
  • Central management server metadata, multi-server script execution
  • Demo: Multi-server script execution
  • Policy-based management overview, conditions, facets and policies
  • Policy-based management demo: Facets and conditions
  • Applying facets and conditions to policies, policy enforcement
  • Demo: Applying facets and conditions to policies
  • Policy based management architecture and execution
  • Demo: Applying policies to multiple servers
  • Policy based management advanced topics

Performance Data Collection

  • Module overview, management data warehouse
  • Demo: Creating and configuring a management data warehouse
  • Data collection overview and architecture
  • Demo: Configuring system data collection on an instance
  • Demo: Transact-SQL custom data collection
  • Data collection reports and module summary

Resource Management and Troubleshooting Enhancements

  • Module Overview
  • Demo: Resource Governor
  • Extended events, predicates, actions, targets, types, maps, sessions

Security Enhancements

  • Module overview
  • Transparent data encryption
  • Demo: Transparent data encryption
  • Backups and transparent data encryption, transparent data encryption limitations
  • Integrated authentication enhancements, SQL Server 2008 auditing improvements
  • Demo: SQL Server 2008 all actions audited
  • Security Summary

Management Implications of New Features Part 1

  • Module overview, spatial indexes, integrated full-text search
  • Problems addressed by sparse columns
  • Demo: Sparse columns and column sets
  • Sparse columns and filtered indexes, best practices for sparse columns
  • Demo: Constructing tabular data sets with sparse columns
  • Limitations of sparse columns and interaction with other features
  • Overview of filtered indexes
  • Demo: Using filtered indexes with sparse columns
  • Filtered statistics, monitoring filtered indexes and statistics
  • Demo: Using filtered indexes for improved index coverage

Management Implications of New Features Part 2

  • Change tracking overview, change tracking best practices
  • Change data capture (CDC) overview
  • Demo: Change Data Capture
  • Blob storage with Filestream overview, enabling Filestream
  • Filestream security, filestream and transactions, monitoring filestream storage
  • Demo: Filestream manageability demo

Scalability Enhancements

  • Data compression overview, data compression trade-offs
  • Demo: Estimating data compression space savings
  • Estimating data compressing space savings, choosing row compression
  • Demo: Enabling compression and comparing performance
  • Enabling and disabling compression, data compression options and syntax
  • Service broker improvements, Service Broker conversation priority
  • Query optimizer enhancements, MERGE overview
  • Forcing query optimizer plans with plan guides
  • Demo: Using plan guides
  • Star join optimizer improvements
  • Partitioning enhancements overview, partition-aligned indexed views
  • Partitioning and lock escalation enhancements
  • Demo: Improving concurrency with partition lock escalation
  • Module review

There are a few more resources to mention. I've got a few more posts coming on this right away!


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