Q: Can I view a recording of this webcast?

On demand MSDN webcasts (in general) can be found here. The Index Defragmentation Best Practices session is ready and available here. The prerequisite Indexing Best Practices session (from June 11) is here.


Q: Where can we get a print out of the slides?

I have posted a pdf of the presentation here as well as on the “Past Events” resources page on SQLskills.com here.


Q: Where can we get the demo scripts?

I have posted the demo scripts here (MSDNWebcast-Tripp-20040719-SCRIPTS.zip (68.37 KB)) as well as on the “Past Events” resources page on SQLskills.com here.


Q: Does Kimberly L. Tripp have a blog?

Yes, www.SQLskills.com/blogs/Kimberly and if you’re reading this on my blog…well, then you already know! J


Q: What’s the URL for your website (for scripts/samples/articles/events?)

The main website link is: www.SQLskills.com

For a list of articles (many of which do NOT require a subscription), click here.

For a list of upcoming events, click here.

For a list of past events (including demo scripts, samples and Q&As from past events), click here.

For a list of scripts (addition sample scripts not necessarily part of demo scripts), click here.

For the upcoming SQLskills SQL Immersion Events (focused, intense performance tuning events), click here.


Q: Do you speak at other events for more advanced tuning topics?

Yes, in fact, SQLskills has a new event coming up in October that’s a 5-day event on performance tuning on SQL Server. We’re calling these events “Immersion Events” as they’re focused, indepth and intense! Full details are on http://www.sqlskills.com/sqlimmersion.asp.


Q: Are you available for onsite custom courses or consulting?

Yes! Feel free to email us at:



or feel free to email me at Kimberly@SQLskills.com


Q: Can you list all of the additional resource links from the final section of the slides: