MSDN Webcast Series to start tomorrow!

Wow, I've been horribly bad at blogging these days and I owe you a few entries as well… But, good news, I have a new MSDN Webcast series that will help to answer a lot of best practices in database design strategies that can help you achieve better scalability, availability and reliability. All of my demos are on SQL Server 2005 but many of the concepts apply to both SQL Server 2000 as well as 2005.

The sessions are all targeted at best practices and as such we went with a base of 200 level. Knowing me I can't go through an entire session without some internals and/or technical depth so you should expect 200-300 overall. I'm very excited about this series because everything counts! What I mean is that each and every best practice you implement helps to bring about a more scalable, available and reliable solution – there are no magic bullets only great overall design can achieve these targets!

So, what are we going to talk about in 10 – 90 minute presentations….. a lot!

Here's a link to the first one and as we get rolling, I'll blog a lot more about additional resources, best practices and of course, I'll blog the webcast Q&A as I've done in the past.


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