MSDN Webcast SQL Index Tuning Q&A: Related Resources

Related Resources:

Q: Can I view a recording of this webcast?

It should be available on shortly.


Q: Where can we get the powerpoint file?

The powerpoint will be available on the MSDN webcast resource page. I will post the exact link here and on as soon as the final link is available.


Q: Where can we get the demo scripts?

The demo scripts will also be available on the MSDN webcast resource page but since it’s a small file I will also place them here (73.19 KB). Additionally, you can find the scripts on under Event resources.


Q: Where can we get BPA – the Best Practices Analyzer?

The BPA is on the front page and the download is specifically here.


Q: Can you recommend a good source for information on optimizing full-text indexes and searches?

Start with the Books Online topic: Full-text Query Architecture and then make sure to check out this MSDN article by Andrew B. Cencini titled: Building Search Applications for the Web Using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Full-Text Search.


Q: Do you speak in other events for more advanced tuning topics?

Yes, in fact, SQLskills has a new event coming up in October that’s a 5-day event on performance tuning on SQL Server. We’ve just announced this event in June and for those of you who become subscribers on SQLskills and sign up by July 1st you’ll receive the lowest early bird cost for the event. We’re calling these events “Immersion Events” as they’re focused, indepth and intense! Full details are on


Finally, here are all of the resource links I recommended in the resources section of the slides:


Q: Does Kimberly L. Tripp have a blog?

Yes, and if you’re reading this on my blog…well, then you already know! J

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