OK, I know I don't blog all that often but when I do, I do try and post as much useful information as I can :). I've got a few posts in the queue and a few more tests to do and code to write before I can wrap them up. In the interim, Paul and I have both decided to throw a bit of our "spare time" to keeping up with friends and family more and just staying "more connected." In that effort, we've both joined facebook and twitter (www.twitter.com/KimberlyLTripp and www.twitter.com/PaulRandal). Our end goal is:

  • Blogging: large/complex posts with detailed info/code, etc.
  • Twitter: short, quick posts on things to check out, review, etc. Maybe I'll do a weekly summary of tweets that I do and/or followed? Would you be interested in that? And, as for my interface, I'm currently using TweetDeck and Twitter.com and I've also joined via WeFollow.com: #sqlserver, #mvp and #womenintech.
  • Facebook: more fun stuff and keeping up with friends, etc. I have to admit that I really love the interface and I'm constantly impressed at how easy it is to upload video, photos, etc… It's just NOT what I expected before I tried it out. I'd truly recommend this to anyone that wants to asynchronously keep up with a large number of people and wants to share photos, comments, video, etc. It's really well done. However, beware of many of the facebook apps. They tend to spam your friends list – sometimes even when they don't ask. Outside of better requirements on fb app developers, I don't have a lot of complaints there.

Having said that, neither of us is doing anything else (no Plaxo, no LinkedIn, etc.) so if you want to find us – we're definitely around but we're going to stay somewhat focused. ;-)

And, now that I'm back home again, I hope to have a few more of my longer posts done.

Cheers everyone!

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