In the quest for more (and more and more ;) information, I’ve been told about a new link – from the SQL Server Books Online team… it’s call the “SQL Server 2005 Books Online Scoped Search” and it allows you a “live” search format for accessing content in the SQL Server books online. And – because they’re online – they are the most up-to-date. I’m not sure how frequently they update these BOL (vs. the downloads that we get) but my guess is that they update the online version frequently and then do a BOL refresh every now and then which includes that which is online.

Anyway, I always like to have the latest version on my laptop BUT it’s nice to have a quick/easy way to find content online. Oh – and please make sure you give these guys feedback as this is a new site, still with the ability to make tweaks where necessary!

Have fun:


PS- Check out Buck Woody’s Blog here: and subscribe here. He’s a Technical Content Developer for the SQL Server Documentation Team and he’s blogged items about the BOL, how to search, updates, etc.