SQL Server Migration Assistants

In part 11 of the TechNet webcast series for the ITPro, I spoke briefly about the Oracle Migration Assistant and the recent release of the Community Tech Preview versions of both the Access and Sybase Migration Assistants… A few of you asked for their download location and there were even a few replies that folks had found them… However, after looking around, I figured out that what was found were the OLD and very outdated Access Upsizing Wizards (and that’s not this!). The new SQL Server Migration Assistant tools are truly Migration tools – tools that can help convert code, change data types, etc. More than anything they’re targeted at being more complete and feature rich than just an “upsizing tool” which is excellent for what it is but still requires a lot of additional work.

Having said all of that, I have the details about the TRUE Migration Assistants.

SSMA for Access download instructions:

Download instructions

  1. Open the download page here.
  2. Select ‘Receive File from Microsoft’.
  3. Enter the Password: w$%dIcKP_TZrf
  4. Download and run ssma-for-access-xxx.msi

SSMA for Sybase download instructions:

Download instructions

  1. Open the ftp download site page here with the following username and password:
         username: SSMA4Syb2
         password: i456$Lk
  2. Download the msi for Sybase or the msi for the Sybase Enterprise Portal (ep).

    IMPORTANT: If you access the files from Internet Explorer, please verify IE Browser Settings using Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, under the Browsing section:

CHECK – Enable folder view for FTP sites
UNCHECK – Use Passive FTP (for firewall and DSL modem compatibility)

So… have fun with those downloads and if you run into any issues/concerns – be sure to post in the SQL Server Migration Assistant newgroup.


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