SQL2008HOLsVPC setup instructions and a note for the August 2008 release

OK, I know this post doesn't really apply to most folks but I did want to have the setup instructions on my blog so that I could refer people to it. For the August release we updated all 17 labs and all of the demos for SQL Server 2008 RTM; however, we did use a "security enabled" VPC. And, well, security is bugging people right about now because the password policy in this VPC was set for 42 days. I know all of you run into this on production servers but on a test VPC, it's pretty much nothing more than an annoyance. So… I thought I'd mention how to disable it for the VPC.

(1)    Remove the policy for 42 password expiration

                Local Security Policy Editor (Admin Tools, Local Security Policy)

                Security Settings

                                Account Policies

                                                Password Policy

                                                                Set the Maximum password age to 0 days (which is no password expiration)

 (2)    Change the SQLService account to not require a password on next login

Computer Management

                                Users and Groups


                                                                Deselect the option "User must change password at next login"

         you might not actually need to set this but it's good to check!

 (3)    Windows Update

While you're at it then, you should also consider running Windows Update

 (4)    Shutdown and save changes…

And, here's the full instructions that we usually give out at conferences/workshops: SQL2008Aug HOLs DVD SETUP Instructions.pdf (25.93 KB)

As for accessing this content on the web, it's part of Jumpstart and it will be part of the SQL Server 2008 Resource Kit. Also, I just refreshed the image for the resource kit so that it does NOT have the password policy enabled so you won't need to do that step. Also, the Jumpstart folks will probably refresh the image there so that it also uses this version. Regardless, you might still want to run Windows Update. And, you'll also find a lot of these resources at upcoming events and conferences as well as through these resources.


3 thoughts on “SQL2008HOLsVPC setup instructions and a note for the August 2008 release

  1. Ugh, somehow I’ve lost one of the comments posted here… that the VPC is having expiration problems. I *think* it’s the CTP of SQL Server that’s expired NOT the VPC itself. I was unaware that a timebomb was created internally in SQL Server. I’m sorry for this but I *think* I might have a trick (well, it’s not mine – it’s one that I saw on a few other blogs)…

    Try this, install the VPC by expanding the setup.exe and BEFORE you start it make sure to disable the VPC time synchronization. The VPC will think it’s Feb 2008 (and not 2009 :)). Then, when you start things up – everything should work. And, if you’re really interested you can change the clock inside the VPC to go back even further (no, I have’t messed with this). But, that should work?! Let me know if it doesn’t. And, sorry to have deleted your comment. It showed 2 of them and when I went to delete one – it deleted both…and, I couldn’t get it back. Sorry! Good thing I had read it already :).


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