SQLintersection: a new year, a new conference

UPDATE (April 17, 2013): We just finished our FIRST SQLintersection conference with wild success. We’re currently working on our next event – scheduled for October 27-30, 2013. More posts coming soon but it looks like we have the right idea from two comments I received just today:

On Twitter (11:50am PT today) from Michelle Ufford (@sqlfool): Colleague who attended #SQLintersection said it was best conference he’s ever attended cc@KimberlyLTripp @PaulRandal @Kendra_Little @BrentO

In Email (today) from Geoff Lister: I had to write and tell you that last week’s SQL intersection was fantastic. I learned so much, and have a whole load of new questions for Google and things to research.  It was a real eye opener to aspects of SQL I didn’t even know to ask about before or did not realize how important they are.  Much of what you gave me I was able to implement during the conference to my production applications and have seen real performance gains and have some happy DBAs! In  particular, you gave me a much great appreciation of why the cache is so important and how to understand the execution plans a bit better and identify parameter sniffing issues.  

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I'll_Be_ThereI’ve been speaking and presenting at conferences for years (16+ years to be exact) and while I’ve had a great time at all of these conferences (some more than others :), I’ve always felt like there was something missing. Nothing seemed to help bring cohesion across the sessions. Nothing really helped the attendees and speakers interact better. How do attendees really get their problems solved? Well, now I get to make those decisions and changes! Why? Because we’ve designed a NEW conference that helps intersect the right information with the right people. Our new show brings together real-world experts that present problem solving techniques and technologies that you can implement today; we’re calling it SQLintersection (#SQLintersection).

SQLintersection: It’s all about ROI

First and foremost, people want better performance. If your servers perform well you can process more data – you can get more done. But, what you need to do to get better performance varies. Sometimes it’s hardware – which might be an easier change, and sometimes it’s design/architecture – which might be significantly more complex. Sometimes it’s little tweaks – adding some indexes, removing some redundant indexes, updating statistics, adding more statistics, changing a procedure and/or the way that some of your procedures are cached, sometimes it’s all about IO, sometimes it’s the execution plans and the queries themselves. But, the biggest challenge is knowing where to look and knowing where and what these changes are, how to make them and then finally, implementing them with the lowest amount of downtime and data loss that’s possible.

That’s what we’ve done. We’ve put together a conference that’s primarily focused around performance, scalability, and troubleshooting but we haven’t forgotten realiability/automation.

SQLintersection: Track Hosts add interaction and information!

To bring cohesion to our event, each of our tracks will have a host (or an MC, per se) that will present a session or two as well as stay in their track room to introduce each session over a theme (each track will have a theme for each day). The host will be available to answer questions, help you interact with the right speakers and just generally give you insight that you can’t get other ways. Right now we have 3 track hosts: Brent Ozar, Aaron Bertrand and I will each host a track and we’ll be available in our track room all day (between sessions and for much of lunch as well) to really help you get your problems solved. And, we’ll end each track with an open Q&A panel with speakers from the track. You’ll hear great sessions and you’ll have multiple opportunities to interact with expert speakers, other attendees, and get your problems solved! And, in addition to three full conference days, there are five full-day workshops (2 days prior to the conference and 1 day after the conference) from which to choose and over 30 technical sessions mostly in the 200-400 level range.

SQLintersection: What about the speakers?

I’m so excited about this lineup. All of these speakers are top-rated, SQL experts that have been around in this field for years but are still focused on consulting. Every speaker is a SQL Server MVP (with the except of the vendor/Microsoft speakers – but, I don’t think anyone’s going to question Conor or Bob’s SQL knowledge :)) and some are Microsoft Certified Masters in SQL Server. But, no matter what – ALL are focused on providing the most ROI that’s possible in their session(s) and/or their workshops. Check out this list of speakers:

  • Aaron Bertrand, Sr. Consultant, SQL Sentry, Inc. [blog | twitter]
  • Andrew J. Kelly, Mentor, SolidQ [blog | twitter]
  • Bob Ward, Principal Architect Escalation Engineer, Microsoft [blog | twitter]
  • Brent Ozar, Brent Ozar Unlimited [blog | twitter]
  • Conor Cunningham, Principal Architect, SQL Server, Microsoft [blog]
  • Grant Fritchey, Product Evangelist, Red Gate Software [blog | twitter]
  • Jeremiah Peschka, Brent Ozar Unlimited [blog | twitter]
  • Joseph Sack, Principal Consultant, SQLskills.com [blog | twitter]
  • Kendra Little, Managing Director, Brent Ozar Unlimited [blog | twitter]
  • Kevin Kline, Director of Engineering Services, SQL Sentry, Inc. [blog | twitter]
  • Kimberly L. Tripp, President/Founder, SQLskills.com [blog | twitter]
  • Mat Young, Senior Director of Products, Fusion-io [blog | twitter]
  • Paul S. Randal, CEO / Owner, SQLskills.com [blog | twitter]
  • Paul White, SQL Kiwi Limited [blog | twitter]
  • Steve Jones, Editor, SQLServerCentral.com [blog | twitter]
  • Sumeet Bansal, Principal Solutions Architect, Fusion-io [blog | twitter]

SQLintersection: When is it all happening?

The show officially runs from April 8th through the 11th but there are both pre-conference and post-conference workshops. For the full conference, you’ll want to be there from Sunday, April 7th through Friday, April 12th.

SQLintersection: Why is it for you?

If you want practical information delivered by speakers that not-only know the technologies but are competent and consistently, highly-rated speakers – this is the show for you. You will understand the RIGHT features to troubleshoot and solve your performance and availability problems now!

We hope to see you there!


11 thoughts on “SQLintersection: a new year, a new conference

  1. When will the Fall SQL Intersection information be posted? I wasn’t able to attend the one in April, however I should be able to go to the fall event.

  2. Hi MSSQL Rock Stars,

    Will there be a 2014 Fall Session? When and where will it be?
    I have a conflict with a class I am taking during this year’s spring conference.

    Also, thanks for all the help your wonderful site has provided me through the years.


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