SQLskills Celebrates 25 Years with 25% Off Fall Courses

Celebrating 25 Years with 25% OFF!

At the end of July, SQLskills turned 25 years young! To celebrate – we’re offering 25% OFF to all NEW students to SQLskills. This is for new registrations ONLY and will run for the ENTIRE month of September! Use the discount code twentyfive when you register and the course price will be automatically adjusted! 

Wait – what about those of you already registered? For those of you already registered for a Fall course, you can bring a colleague for a 50% discount! Just email me with the attendee you want to bring and I’ll send you a discount code!

And, for those of you who are thinking about “Updating your SQLskills” to the latest version of SQL Server (SQL Server 2019) and have ALREADY attended a SQLskills Immersion Event… you can re-take the same course for a 50% discount as well! Just email me  and I’ll review course attendance and send you a discount code!

Some benefits of attending our online, Immersion Events this Fall: 

  • Updating your knowledge to the latest version of SQL Server (SQL Server 2019)
  • Reviewing content that you may not have looked at in some time… (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)
  • Accessing your delivery’s recording for the next 12 months so you can review the content
  • Receiving a copy of your course content in PDF form (for searching and taking notes electronically)
  • And, as usual, the ability to ask questions and interact – and really dive deep into SQL Server!

Looking Back on Amazing Adventures

Reaching such a cool milestone really hit me. I spent a lot of August looking back and thinking about all of the amazing adventures I’ve had with the SQL and Dev communities around the world… It took me weeks to sort through a bunch of my event memorabilia and photos; this resulted in this page of amazing memories.


With my posts, came such an incredible response. All of you ALWAYS remind me of why we do this and why we STILL LOVE it after – even after 25 years!


Above all, a HUGE THANKS for all of the truly, spectacular memories.
I’ve never regretted focusing my career on Microsoft products –
especially SQL Server!

Thank you,

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