SQLskills welcomes Bob Beauchemin

Today, SQLskills proudly annouces an exciting addition to our company… Bob Beauchemin – a database developer and SQL Server 2005 expert in the developer space – joins SQLskills as the Director of Developer Skills. Bob brings a tremendous amount of expertise with him in having worked with computers since 1977 and a variety of databases during this time. In the time that I have known Bob, I have been impressed with both his technical expertise as well as his ability to convey complex topics with clarity. We’ve got quite a few things in the works and we’ll keep you posted of the changes on our blogs and our SQLskills website.

In the interim, make sure to update all of your references for Bob! If you’ve subscribed to his blog in the past, update your links to his new blog site:

If you want to read a bit about his past, present and future, check out our AboutBob page here: https://www.sqlskills.com/aboutbob.asp

And, if you’re interested in hearing the PodCast he recorded with SQL Down Under host Greg Low, check out: http://www.sqldownunder.com/. The specific downloads for Bob’s recordings are here: SDU4FullShow.mp3 or here: SDU4FullShow.wma.

Exciting times indeed. Stay tuned!


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