Sun caused brain damage (not really) but…

I completely spaced in blogging about a recent interview I did…poolside, in Orlando, FL when I was at SQL Connections back in April. I had the pleasure of meeting Chuck Boyce (a DBA from Philly, PA) who feverishly works in his spare time to spread the word about technology and specifically about all things SQL. His blog is here and he does a great job of summarizing good links and useful resources – almost daily (just so you don’t have to!) on his “WHERE Clause” resource blog posts. You should check that out while you have your morning coffee. A great way to quickly find some useful stuff.

Additionally, Chuck has a radio program (What’s Happening in SQL Server) that he does for SSWUG (Steven Wynkoop‘s excellent SQL Server Worldwide User Group). The entire list of SSWUG Broadcasts are here and specifically, the chat that we did poolside is here.

So – sorry that took me so long to remember… I wish I could blame it on too much sun (and/or drinks) poolside but……… sadly, I can’t.

See you Friday on our 10th part of our TechNet Webcast series. Wow, we’re on the home stretch!


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