TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 1 of 11

Hey there everyone – Well there was lots of excitement around our first session…so much so that apparently a Live Meeting server went down and caused MANY of you to get booted-out or even blocked-from attending (figures, right!)…. Ugh (talk about the irony here – a series on high availability that isn’t available because a server crashes…hhmmm, I think I know where to go for my next potential customers ;) ;). Regardless, I’m glad that at least a couple hundred of you did get in. For the more than 1000 others that were registered but unable to get in – I truly want to apologize!

The good news is that we now have the on-demand link available and for all of you who registered, it should have been sent to you via email. Also, as promised, I’ve attached the resources and demo scripts we talked about today.

Partial Database Availability Demo Scripts: (4.19 KB)
Database Mirroring Demo Scripts: (3.74 KB)
Demo Scripts – Since this demo was completed through the UI, here are some useful references on Replication:

Other Resources:

SQLCMD Resources: My blog entry after Michiel Worries’ Webcast (includes links to webcast, etc.)
TechNet Resource Center: SQL Server 2005 Mission Critical High Availability
Demo: Windows Server System Reference Architecture Design Considerations for SQL Server 2005 High Availability
Whitepaper: Choosing a Database for High Availability: An Analysis of SQL Server and Oracle

Also, to get you ready for SQL Server 2005 – check out the Upgrade/Migration Resource Center: Upgrading to SQL Server 2005

And… that should keep you busy between now and next week!

Have fun,

12 thoughts on “TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 1 of 11

  1. Kimberly,
    I was fortunate to view the webcast without any problems yesterday. I truly wish I could emulate "Spock" from Startrek and do a mind meld with you and gain your knowledge. You were great.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Kim,
    the webcast was great.
    the link for :
    SQL Server Books Online: How to: Configure Peer-to-Peer Transactional Replication (SQL Server Management Studio)
    isn’t working can you please correct the hyperlink.

  3. You couldn’t view the webcasts on-demand? Please re-check the link as the on-demand format is up and running now. If you have other troubles with the on-demand link – please contact the TechNet help and support team so that they can help you get this working. I hope you can do this as I did other demos and a lot of lecture… you really will miss *a lot* if you don’t watch the presentation.

    As for the setup for the demos, I only provided the demos scripts as "sample code" but as for reproducing the scenarios – that can sometimes be a bit complex… In many of the other sessions, it will be a lot easier but in this first session, I’m really not planning to do that. The first session was meant as an overview. Later sessions will be more "end-to-end" and I will have much more complete scenarios from which you can reproduce.

    Regardless, please view the session for complete details. You really are missing the bulk of the content if you don’t watch the session!


  4. Hi Kimberly,

    I didn’t make the live broadcast but just finished watching the on-demand version. Just wanted to point out that you were sharing the Virtual PC rather than the SQL Server Management Studio. The result is that all demos are minitured and barely readable.


  5. Actually, that wasn’t exactly what the issue was/is… the problem is actually that I run that workstation at a much higher res and eventhough I set the res in the VPC to 1024×768 it didn’t record at that level. Lesson learned! So – I do apologize for the small screen demos – luckily I had changed the font to at least a bigger font… If you run your monitor at 1024×768 it’s not too bad BUT – YES – I will be sure to fix this for my next session!


  6. I was one of the "unfortunates" that couldn’t get in for Webcast 1. I viewed it on-demand, but where/how do I complete the survey, thus registering my attendance & qualifying myself for all of the amazing prizes?

    BTW…I thoroughly enjoy your presentation style & knowledge. I also enjoyed the TLA discussion during the last webcast. I was guy who passed on to you the acronym A.F.E. (Acronyms For Everything). I coined that few years ago when I started in IT within the Healthcare field, working along side a bunch of former military guys. Talk about AFE’s! Feel free to use that anytime you deem it to be appropriate. No attribution necessary.

    Thanks for your help on the feedback survey question.

    – Jared

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