TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 11 of 11

Well… 11 of 11 has completed. Friday was our last chat – until next time ;). It was a summary event where I took a slightly different spin on things focusing on grouping technologies by the amount of effort that’s needed to implement them. Simply put, we looked at the technologies in order of what gives you the biggest bang for the buck. We ended the session with a ton of great questions (as always!) and there was even a question on the origin of foo (make sure to also see fubar).

First, there were a few links that I wanted to provide from the session, I’ll start with those:

And, we also talked about Migrations:

Finally, capacity planning:

  1. Calculate the amount of space needed for your tables (calculate this as rows per page and then required pages as MB)
  2. Calculate the amount of space needed for your indexes (you can use sp_spaceused to get a current ratio of index to data and then use that OR you can estimate 1-3times your current data in indexes…yes, if you have 10GB of tables – you should estimate 10-30GB for indexes)
  3. Calculate in your estimate on future growth
  4. Take your single largest table and multiply by 1.5 for free space. (Use 2.5 IF you’re going to use ONLINE index operations). So, if the single largest table is 3GB then I’d add 7-8GB for free space)
  5. Add a “just in case” extra 10-20%
  6. And, I didn’t mention this BUT you should also include alerts to help you monitor space usage and significant changes to your free space!

And that wraps up the series. Wow – I can’t believe how many of you joined in for questions as well as stayed on until the end. It’s really great that so many of you are still having fun with SQL Server as well. I look forward to another series with you…at some point! In the interim, here are a few places where I’ll be:

SQLskills Immersion Events – in the US… will be announced shortly. The BEST place to be when we announce the dates for these events is a subscriber on SQLskills. Subscribing is FREE and the announcements are going to be later this month. Here’s a link to directly subscribe on SQLskills:

Thanks again for attending the series! It was great fun. I’ll post a final blog entry with ALL of the links as well as all of the survey links. I know that they’re going to send me these so that you can get easier access to them.

See you next time,

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