And another one bites the dust! Wow – what a great group today… soooooo many questions! For those of you that weren’t there – the lecture was 80 minutes and the additional Q&A went on for another 45 minutes. So – as a result, there were *a lot* of additional resources needed. Let me get started with all of those right away.

To prepare for moving to SQL Server 2005 there are a few EXCELLENT resources with which you should start:

Phase 1 – Prepare to Upgrade/Migrate

Phase 2 – Database-level Testing

  • Copy Database Wizard or
  • Backup/Restore or
  • Detach/Attach

Phase 3 – Server-level Testing

  • Consider upgrade in-place or
  • Make sure that you manually migrate all EXTERNAL objects, logins, jobs, error messages, etc.

Phase 4 – Testing/Updating after the upgrade/migration

  • Update statistics immediately
  • Test application code, database compatibility modes, session settings
  • Check for “broken code” in terms of system table changes
  • MOST of this should have already been done and assessed in Phase 1 but better to be safe!

And – finally – the other things we talked about and the rest of the links are here:

And – that’s it for this week. See you next Friday when we chat about the new Management Tools and how to effectively use them!

Thanks for listening/watching and asking GREAT questions,