The fall line-up and event list – we hope to see you there!

We've finally booked all of our tickets and started planning final details for all our of our classes and conferences this fall. We've got quite a few things planned and tons of great content at each. By continent, here's the plan:


  • Dublin, Ireland: September 21-25. Paul and I will be teaching a week-long Immersion Event – combining internals, performance tuning, database maintenance and more.
  • Warsaw, Poland: September 29-30. Paul and I will be presenting a full day of SQL Server sessions at the Microsoft Technology Summit 2009

Australia – Melbourne

  • October 15-16. Paul and I will be teaching a 2-day class "SQL Server 2008: New Features – Updating Your Administrations Skills in Database Infrastructure and Scalability"
  • October 19-22. Paul will be teaching a 4-day class "SQL Server 2005/2008: DB Maintenance and Availability: From Performance to Disaster Recovery"
  • October 19-22. I will be teaching a 4-day class "SQL Server 2005/2008: Performance Tuning – From Design to Indexing to Optimizing Procedural Code"


  • Seattle, WA for SQLPASS: November 2-5. Paul and I will be teaching two full-day workshops and a Spotlight Session each.
  • Las Vegas, NV for SQL Connections: Nobember 9-12: Paul and I will be teaching two full-day workshops and 5 sessions. Stacia will be teaching 4 sessions on BI.
  • Redmond, WA for SQL MCMs and Sharepoint MCM's through the end of this year

You can find more details and links to the various registration sites on our Upcoming Events page. And, if you have any questions, feel free to email me: Kimberly AT or Paul AT

We hope to see you there and be sure to swing by and say hi!


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