They do more than just technology!

It’s amazing the things you learn about people the more time you spend with them… the first thing I want to share is about a great longtime friend of mine – Gert Drapers. It’s based on the fact that one of the best parts about a regional event is that you often end up in someone’s neighborhood… Tech Ed Europe is in the Netherlands this week and it’s his home… Who would have known I’d learn something new about him here – he cooks!

Yes, after 9 years I’ve learned that he can cook…. Mostly hanging out with him at conferences we’ve been to a fair share of restaurants together. In his home town we decided to have dinner and what I didn’t know is that he would be cooking it! So – I’ve decided I have to share this… Gert & Vera in the Kitchen (26.06 KB).

And I happen to be posting this while Gert’s lecturing on SQLDTS in 2005….

And who else do I need to mention – Pat Helland, David Chappell and Don Box. Last night at dinner Don mentioned that they were performing a new song at the end of Pat’s session today (Metropolis: Envisioning the Service-Oriented Architecture). Not only was the session fantastic but their song was some of the best fun I’ve had at a session in a long time – if ever!!! They did a version of Bye Bye Miss American Pie called Bye Bye Mr CIO Guy…. The words were great (written by Pat) and a video will soon follow. You have GOT to see it – watch on Pat’s site as he says it should be there shortly (hopefully this week). (And – from a comment – check out this link:

And I’ll leave you with a couple of final pictures from dinner last night!

Rocky Lhotka, Darren Green, Don Box and Brian RandellRockyDarrenDonBrian.jpg (21.46 KB)
Michele Leroux Bustamante, Don Box and me – making Don Blush! MicheleDonKimberly.jpg (25.45 KB)

More fun coming – more pictures to post….. and maybe some technical info too :)

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