Upcoming Events and Instant Initialization is not………….

Enterprise only.

OK – I really need to blog more and well – I’m starting today by blogging a “quickie” blog entry on something that I just learned recently and that most of us (who speak/write/whatever on SQL Server) have been saying incorrectly…even marketing :). What’s been said is that the new SQL Server 2005 feature “Instant Initialization” is an Enterprise Only feature (remember that Enterprise Only includes ALL skus that have the enterprise engine (EE) – the EE is in Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Eval and Developer Edition). Well… that’s not the case. And – personally, I never tried it on standard edition as most of my customers are enterprise customers OR we’re doing development work on the Developer Edition. All I have to say here is COOL! Now – I’ll post another entry (shortly) that tells you all about Instant Initialization as I think it’s a very simple and important feature to allow (no, it’s not necessarily on by default – this is part of why I need another blog entry).

As for upcoming events – there are 3 in March.

March 6 – Reading, UK
One day workshop on Crucial Database Maintenance Techniques hosted by Tony Rogerson of sqlserverfaq.com.

March 8-10 – Lalandia, Denmark
SQL Server OpenWorld hosted by Miracle Denmark.

March 25-29 – Orlando, Florida – USA
SQLConnections hosted by Penton Publishing and SQL Server Magazine.

Many of the above events are focusing on HA/DR and Database Maintenance and are copresented with Paul Randal. He blogged about these events here.

And – I’ll be back soon! I promise!! (notice that the time between blogging is decreasing – in general :)

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