Upcoming events – great topics, great locations!

Coming up quickly, there are some great events to help you with best practices, tips and tricks and learning SQL Server 2008 R2 (which has just been announced to release in May this year). You can read about the upcoming R2 release on the "Data Platform Insider" blog post here.

So, how do you keep up?

A great way is through conferences (for broad tips/tricks and new features) and/or workshops/classes (for deeper content – usually with more focus) – where you can spend 3-5 days to completely focus on learning, networking and creating your new work ToDo list!

As for where we're going to be, here's our upcoming list:

March 8 – 12: Toronto, Canada – DevTeach

Here we have a precon (Indexing for Performance) and postcon (Developers Can't Ignore Database Maintenance) and 2 sessions (Optimizing Procedural Code and Tips/Tricks for Proper Table Design). This conference will be packed full of real-world advice on a variety of topics – with some SQL (more developer-oriented) – and has a lot of recognized speakers from around the world.

March 29 – April 2: Boston, MA – SQL Server Immersion: Internals, Performance, and Availability 

This is a full five day Immersion Event where we get to "make your brains hurt" (that's a quote :) with content. We delivered a similar event in Ireland (and Australia) last Fall and you can read the event report by clicking through the photo to get to the pdf. And, we're currently in the planning stages for heading back to Ireland and Australia this year as well! As for Boston – we can't wait to get back there. I lived there in the early 90s (but only for a short while before moving to Redmond) and Boston is where Paul and I met. It's a great city, we're really looking forward to it.

April 12 – 16: Las Vegas, NV – Microsoft SQL Server Conference and Expo (SQLConnections)

This year is a part of DevConnections where we have a full set of tracks solely focused on SQL Server and this year – specially focused on best practices, tips and tricks – and SQL Server 2008 R2. This conference is also focusing on the Visual Studio 2010 launch. 

We hope to see you there!

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