Way, way, way overdue

OK, it’s been a heck of a long time since I blogged… and for that I apologize. I’m also WAY overdue in my posting my demo scripts from a TON of conferences BUT… now everything has been posted. Check out the past events page on SQLskills and you can find the demo scripts that you’re looking for……lots of fun stuff and TONS of scripts to play with and test.

Now – as for the reason(s)…. many are business and for that I blame the following (yes, 17 flights [yes, one boarding pass is missing] over ONE 5 week trip with 7 events and 5 continent changes):

The other reason(s) are personal…suffice it to say that the last 6 months have been some life changing times for me and what I’m finding (or trying to find) is that ever important balance between work and life. During this holiday season (and always), I wish you and your loved ones well and I hope that you too can find (and cherish) what’s most important to you.

So, you won’t see anything else from me for this year but I do hope to be better (and more frequent) with blogging in the New Year and I especially hope to see you again at an upcoming conference. Let me leave you with the most exciting picture I’ve witnessed this year…it was during my one day of site seeing in Cape Town – where I went cage diving with Great White Sharks (and got horribly sea sick – which is rare for me) but where I was able to witness these amazing and powerful creatures….

Have a happy and safe holiday season!

4 thoughts on “Way, way, way overdue

  1. kt,
    welcome home. I’m a repeat offender who is wondering if you have an update to a doc that you published in 2004 regarding integration of profiler and perfmon traces in sql2k5?
    thanks for any info…we’re working with it now but a good ‘best practice’ primer always helps. If you don’t have an updated doc but can provide another link that would be great…bol doesn’t have much.

  2. At least the seat is not bad…:)

    I watched most of webcast you did for MSSQL2005 Data Mirroring, very impressive!!! However, i didn’t get a chance to ask this questiond during the webcast, somehow we have "dump transaction with no_log" in our application, which will be triggered every 30 minutes. So if I configure our client’s production server by using "High Performance" model, do you think we need get rid off this statement and use backup log to device instead? Is dump transaction with no_log will dump entire inactived log or will only dump inactived log that haven’t been synchronized.

    What’s your suggestion for using "Dump transaction with no_log"…

    Thanks lot,

  3. Wow. I found 4 flights in two weeks hard to handle.

    It was very nice to see you in South Africa, and I hope you’ll be coming back sometime, even if we are half a world from anywhere else.

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