We got our mugs on SSWUG TV!

While at SQL Server Connections in Orlando, Stephen Wynkoop of SSWUG stole some morning time for an interview (morning time is not my best but we did get a lovely “I got my mug on SSWUG tv” mug so that made it OK :) :). We (Paul and I) had a great time chatting about Diaster Recovery, Backup/Restore, general best practices and well – games (specifically – the VERY addictive game of Blokus). Here’s the interview link: http://www.sswug.org/columnists/editorial.asp?id=1135.


PS – If any of you pick up (and become completely addicted to) Blokus, let us know! It’s great for 2 to 4 players and extremely fun when a 5 year old “wild card” sits in and throws moves that you just can’t understand (but later come to really frustrate you :) :).

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