Where in the world does time go?

I know where I go but where the heck does the time go (it seems to move much faster than I)? First off, I hope everyone had a truly lovely holiday season. I know they've long since past for everyone but maybe this reminder will bring back a nice memory from the holidays as it does for me. Paul and I escaped the world of SQL and focused on finding frogfish. Unfortunately, it just wasn't the right time of year to find them though. Oh well – we did see some very coolstuff including a batfish (the odd-shaped-bottom-dweller kind) and, we also read a ton of books (a completely strage combination of books – list below) and we relaxed.  It was really quite lovely.

Once the holidays were over, we were back into the fire… Paul worked from home (mostly writing) and did a lot of work from there – including blogging (as always) and I was back in the classroom. We were only home for 10 days and then we were off again. Right now, we're both on the road – in Hyderabad, India this week (and last) and Bangkok, Thailand next week – teaching some classes on performance tuning, maintenance and high availability. I thought I'd do a quick post to remind you that I do exist (yes, I know – I really do *want* to blog more but it's not easy for me… first of all, before I publish a blog post I probably read it 50 times and that's after I even get the courage to write one… blogging is just different for me than it is for Paul… for that, I'm sorry. I'm *really* going to try… no, really. I will try to get a really good post out there as often as possible but for right now, I'm not going to give a number or a goal – just know that it drives me nuts that I don't blog all that often.)

In the interim, interviews/podcasts – for some reason – are a lot easier for me. Paul and I did a few interviews with TechNet in December and these are being made available for download as they're edited for publishing. The first one is available now and it's titled: New Features in Partitioning and Indexing for SQL Server 2008. Here are the download links:

OK, that's it for me for today. But, I do have a couple of other posts brewing. I will work to get these out as soon as possible as I have a small break from teaching, writing, and conferences (yes, I've been writing too!). Oh, speaking of which, we've *all* finished the SQL Server 2008 Internals work (Kalen doing the large majority) and it's getting really close! You can pre-order it on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft%C2%AE-SQL-Server%C2%AE-2008-Internals/dp/0735626243/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1233824791&sr=1-1.

Thanks for reading – I'll be back soon!

As for books, in no particular order:  

  • Robin Maxwell's Mademoiselle Boleyn
  • Josh Grogan's Marley & Me
  • Sheridan Hay's The Secret of Lost Things
  • Tucker Max's I hope They Serve Beer in Hell
  • J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books 2, 3, 4, 5 (these were re-reads – always a safe bet to bring with me and a fun re-read as Kiera (7) goes through the series now too) and where is the 6th movie? Ugh. ;)
  • Tom Philbin's The Killer Book of Serial Killers: Incredible Stories, Facts and Trivia from the World of Serial Killers
  • Stephenie Meyer's Twilight (last, but not least!)

OK, I told you it was a very wide-ranging book list; a few were purchased at the airport on the way. I've since read the entire Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer: New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn (and I have to admit that I loved the series (especially Breaking Dawn))… I really hope she completes Midnight Sun; I absolutely loved Twilight from Edward's perspective (maybe even more than from Bella's). And, if she continues writing in this world – I really hope she writes as Renesmee. The Twilight movie was not spectacular – defnitely read the book before going to the movie – but, I loved the casting of Bella and Edward. And, I'm hopeful that the next movie will be *a lot* better. Next on my reading list, I'm planning to read many Robin Maxwell books starting with The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn. In the end, the holidays were really relaxing.

Oh, and here's a great shot from India… At least he has a helmet??

One thought on “Where in the world does time go?

  1. Hi Kimberly,

    Read your article on sql server 2005 partitioning ( not this one :) ). It was great article , after I finished reading,I implemented partitioning in my project along with moving window scenario completely automated in SQL scripts.

    Just want to say thanks for such a nice article.

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