Whitepapers, whitepapers and more whitepapers – where the heck are they???

OK, I’ve been complaining about finding resources – for a long time… AND, I’ve been complaining about how I can never tell if a whitepaper is on MSDN or on TechNet or on Microsoft.com or on x, y, or z. Well…….. finally, I’ve done something about it. I’ve *started* to put together (and verify) a list of what I think are the top whitepapers out there. This is by no means a complete list AND I haven’t read every one of the papers I’ve referenced. However, I’ve only linked to whitepapers written/published by reputable sources and I’ve checked every link to make sure it works. Primarily, this is the list of whitepapers that I reference the most – in classes, seminars, workshops, etc. And, it’s not a blog entry – it’s an actual webpage so it should [hopefully] be easy to find. I plan/hope to do this for blogs and other useful stuff BUT, it takes quite a bit of time verifying each of the links (and of course, searching/finding the darn thing when someone has broken the link :).

So…. after the first 5+ hours of work – here it is: https://www.sqlskills.com/whitepapers.asp.

Thanks for reading (and wow – you have a lot more reading to do now :) :) :),

10 thoughts on “Whitepapers, whitepapers and more whitepapers – where the heck are they???

  1. Great centralised collection of very helpful articles.
    Have been look for good content to read.
    Please keep adding to this collection, invaluable.
    P.S. Love your blog, real juicy content… keep up the great work.

  2. OK – I’ve updated the SQL Server 2000 link for the Storage Engine… And, let’s hope I can keep this up to date. Also, I’ve added a few other links from some specific emails I’ve received. For completeness, here are the links that a few folks thought were helpful (based on how much they enjoyed the whitepaper content):

    SQL Server 2005 Security Overview for Database Administrators


    Planning for Scalability and Performance with Reporting Services

    Those are now in the list too!


  3. I find it amusing that a company who designs and sells a document management product has trouble organizing their own documents. Well done Kimberly, thanks.

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