OK, I’ve been complaining about finding resources – for a long time… AND, I’ve been complaining about how I can never tell if a whitepaper is on MSDN or on TechNet or on Microsoft.com or on x, y, or z. Well…….. finally, I’ve done something about it. I’ve *started* to put together (and verify) a list of what I think are the top whitepapers out there. This is by no means a complete list AND I haven’t read every one of the papers I’ve referenced. However, I’ve only linked to whitepapers written/published by reputable sources and I’ve checked every link to make sure it works. Primarily, this is the list of whitepapers that I reference the most – in classes, seminars, workshops, etc. And, it’s not a blog entry – it’s an actual webpage so it should [hopefully] be easy to find. I plan/hope to do this for blogs and other useful stuff BUT, it takes quite a bit of time verifying each of the links (and of course, searching/finding the darn thing when someone has broken the link :).

So…. after the first 5+ hours of work – here it is: http://www.sqlskills.com/whitepapers.asp.

Thanks for reading (and wow – you have a lot more reading to do now :) :) :),