2010 review: the year by the numbers

The last post of the year! It's been an excellent year all round – I thought that instead of doing a long post about goals etc, I'd count down the numbers that have been my life this year.

  • 1413307: the number of page views on my blog, as tracked by Google, from 130 countries – WOW!
  • 85421: the number of miles I flew on United
  • 71000: roughly the number of words in all my blog posts this year
  • 19058: the number of downloads of our MCM videos in the last 6 weeks (see here)
  • 11800: my current tweet total (including the one about this post)
  • 7600: roughly the number of emails I sent
  • 5901: the GeekBench score for my new laptop
  • 2255: the number of people who follow my ramblings on Twitter
  • 800: roughly the number of Facebook updates (I counted backwards to July then gave up)
  • 270: roughly the number of Word pages taken up by all my blog posts this year
  • 149: the number of nights away from home
  • 125: the number of blog posts I wrote on this blog (including this post)
  • 121: the number of photos I posted in travel posts
  • 100: probably the number of times I said I'd never get an iPhone, before buying one in January :-)
  • 71: roughly the most northern latitude we got to on our Russian Arctic trip
  • 68: the number of days I was teaching classes or presenting at conferences
  • 58: the number of pages in my free mythbusters PDF e-book
  • 54: the number of flights we took
  • 45: the number of books I read (see this post
  • 43: the number of new birds species I saw (taking my total to 396)
  • 25: the number of dives we did (taking my total to 96)
  • 20: the number of different hotels we stayed in
  • 12: the number of polar bears I saw in the wild
  • 10: the number of miles I walked around Beijing one day on my 3rd trip to China
  • 8: the number of digits in the vacuum fluorescent display clock I built 
  • 6: the number of countries we visited
  • 5: the number of top-10 rated PASS sessions by SQLskills.com speakers
  • 4: the number of SQL or SharePoint MCM rotations I taught for Microsoft
  • 4: the number of blog posts about bald eagles
  • 3: the number of big Lego models I made
  • 2: the number of Fusion-io SSDs I was given to play with
  • 2: the number of new countries I visited (Cayman Islands and Russia, taking my total to 23)
  • 2: the number of wonderful daughters I have
  • 1: the number of new employees we hired – the fabulous Mr Brent Ozar!
  • 1: the number of whitepapers I wrote this year (see here)
  • 1: the position in the PASS 2010 session ratings of my Mythbusters talk
  • Finally, one: the number of perfect people in the world – Kimberly

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, follows me on Twitter, sends me questions, watches our videos, comes to our classes, and generally makes being deeply involved in the SQL community a joy.

I sincerely wish you all a happy, healthy, and properous New Year!


(In the freezing cold about 20 miles north of Haines, AK while taking photos of bald eagles, back in November.)


13 thoughts on “2010 review: the year by the numbers

  1. Paul and Kimberly,

    All the best to both of you.

    I first met Kimberly in 2001 at a class that began my real journey to MVP-ness. Thank you Kimberly. I met Paul much later after he became involved with Kimberly, but I knew who he was. Knowing her both before and after you two got together, I have to thank you, Paul, for making one of my dear SQL friends truly happy. Then again, I suspect in this case, happiness really is its own reward.

    God Bless and thanks for all you do for the community.

    Geoff N. Hiten

  2. Paul and Kimberly,

    Thanks for everything you do for the community. I look forward to your blog posts and Q&As on 2011. And hopefully, some in-person training…if I can convince the boss ;)

    Happy New Year!

  3. 1.4 million page views.?!?! Thats low considering about 25,000 are from just me!
    Thanks for all that you both do. It’s opened my eyes and greatly enhanced my skill set.

  4. Thanks Geoff!! I’m not sure he makes me happy… but, he is very useful!!!

    OK, sorry – I just couldn’t resist! He’s my rock!! And, this community (and friends like you especially) are absolutely wonderful!

    We’re looking forward to a wonderful New Year and wish you all the best as well!!


  5. Averaging 21 emails per day? I have a feeling that was even higher when you worked for Microsoft. :)

    I love the format you picked for this retrospective, fun to read!

  6. Amazing! Congratulations on an incredible year and thanks for everything you do for the SQL Server community. 2010 may come to be known as the year of the MCM readiness videos.

  7. Hey Paul,
    One more thing you should start counting – your age in something other than years. Last week I celebrated my 15,000th day on Earth. And a few years ago, it was my 1,000,000,000th second. We had a party and counted down the moment – we called it The Billeneum.

    The possibilities are vast…


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