Myths and misconceptions: 60-page PDF of blog posts

Back when I did the DBA-Myth-A-Day series in April, many people asked for the 30 blog posts to be collected up into a document for easy printing/reading/etc. I promised, but never got around to it, until I had an email from a blog reader, Peter Maloof, who had very kindly done all the work of producing a Word doc with everything collected together. I’ve prettified the doc and produced a PDF which you can print out and redistribute as you see fit.

You can download the PDF once you sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter here (no advertizing or other nonsense), and once you’ve signed up, you can always get it from the past newsletters page (link in every newsletter). Note: some people get confused: when you complete the sign-up process, the final welcome email you get has the link to the prior newsletters and the PDF.

Make sure to also check out my 4-hour online training course on Pluralsight: SQL Server Myths and Misconceptions.


20 thoughts on “Myths and misconceptions: 60-page PDF of blog posts

  1. Thank you for the good information and your passion
    I will distribute the doc to the SQL Users in Korea.

    Jungsun Kim

  2. Hi Paul

    I thought I had just chosen my blog post of the day (for my SQL Server Internals FaceBook page) and saw this from you just in time… you are today’s winner. :-)


  3. Hello Paul,

    I’ ve signed (and confirmed) the newsletter but I still can’t download the PDF.
    Could you tell me how to proceed ?

    Thank you,

          1. Ah… I haven’t noticed it. But now is the trick to get there when you’re already signed up. Still I’m very curious about the document ;)

  4. Disappointing. I no longer have the email that supposedly has the link, because the statement was that “You can download the PDF here once you sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter.” I assumed that the link would take me where I needed to go.

    How does one get the link now after signing up? I have a newsletter in my inbox, but I see no way to get to the past newsletters page. I don’t think I’m an idiot, but I cannot find a way to get to the PDF download….

    1. Each newsletter has this text at the end of the first section: Note: you can get all the prior Insider newsletters here. Shouldn’t be disappointing, and there’s no ‘supposedly’ about it – the link is right at the top of the welcome email you got when you completed the sign-up process. The link does take you where you need to go – to sign up for the newsletter, which then gives you the link very clearly.

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