New course: Building Simple Asynchronous Applications

My first post of the year is about our first Pluralsight course of the year!

Jonathan’s new course is called SQL Server: Building Simple Asynchronous Applications and is just over 1.5 hours long. It’s the first in a series of courses that Jonathan’s doing this year about using Service Broker, based on the extensive work he’s done with some of our clients building asynchronous processes. I’m really excited about this course being published as I think Service Broker is hugely underutilized in the SQL Server world.

The modules are:

  • Introduction
  • “Hello World” with Service Broker
  • Basic Architecture and Components
  • Building a Full Application
  • Basic Troubleshooting

Check it out here.

We now have 135 hours of SQLskills online training available (see all our courses here), all for as little as $29/month through Pluralsight (including more than four thousand other developer and IT training courses). That’s unbeatable value that you can’t afford to ignore.


3 thoughts on “New course: Building Simple Asynchronous Applications

  1. Your courses are awesome … I wish they were there 5 to 6 years back …. though it is still not late :)..
    awesome work by all the SQLSkills team . :)

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