New Pluralsight course: Analyzing Query Performance for Developers

Erin’s latest Pluralsight course has been published – SQL Server: Analyzing Query Performance for Developers. It’s four hours long, and from the course description:

Developers are sometimes charged with fixing performance issues, and they have no idea where to start. They’ve never seen a query plan, or when they look at one they’re not sure what it *really* means. The developers know how long it takes for a query to execute, but they don’t know how to see how much IO, CPU, or memory it uses. And sometimes they just create an index and that seems to fix the problem (even though they have no idea why!). In this course, SQL Server: Analyzing Query Performance for Developers, you’ll learn about all the data that SQL Server generates when a query executes – it’s more than just the query plan – and you’ll learn where it exists and how to find it. First, you’ll discover what the data represents and how to read a query plan. Next, you’ll explore some of the query plan operators you’ll see most often. Finally, you’ll learn what information is included in the plan, which may not be immediately obvious, but can be extremely valuable when troubleshooting. When you’re finished this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to start examining and understanding query plans and making query changes for better performance!

The modules are:

  • Introduction
  • Finding Information About Queries
  • Understanding Query Performance Metrics
  • Reading Query Plans
  • Operators in a Query Plan
  • Important Information in a plan

Check it out here.

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