New Pluralsight course: Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Solution in Azure

Tim’s latest Pluralsight course has been published – SQL Server: Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Solution in Azure. It’s 2.5 hours long, and from the course description:

Have you been wondering what Azure Virtual Machines or Azure SQL Databases are and what they mean for you as a production DBA or developer? The Azure platform has become an Enterprise-worthy environment that can provide Infrastructure as a Service and a database Platform as a Service. In this course, SQL Server: Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Solution in Azure, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Azure virtual machines and Azure SQL Database from a DBA perspective. First, you’ll start with an overview of what the Azure platform encompasses and then dive straight into how to connect and configure your Azure environment. You’ll then learn about VM networking, storage, configuration management, images and disk, monitoring, deploying workloads, and scaling. Next, you’ll explore Azure SQL Database and Stretch Database, including how to configure networking and security, discuss features, migration methods, and scaling. Finally, you’ll discover methods for monitoring using the Azure Portal or Management Studio. When you’ve finished this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to implement a Hybrid SQL Server solution leveraging Azure. If you’ve been considering extending your SQL Server environment to Azure, this course is for you!

The modules are:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Azure IaaS
  • Understanding Hybrid Solutions
  • Understanding How to Create and Manage Azure VMs
  • Migrating Databases to Azure VMs and Scaling
  • Understanding Azure SQL Database and Stretch Databases
  • Monitoring Options with Azure Portal and SSMS

Check it out here.

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