Our new website and April special offer

Our New Website

Late last year we finally decided to make time to revamp our blogs and website, and move onto WordPress. I  really wish we’d done it a lot sooner as WordPress is such a joy to work with compared to hand-coded ASP.NET, but client work always seemed to get in the way. Now we’ve upgraded, it’s so much easier to change website content and write blog posts.

Kimberly sourced our new logo using the 99 Designs website, which allows artists around the world to compete with each other to win a design competition. Our new blogs went live in January and we just launched our new website on Wednesday. It took us almost five months of elapsed time to do it, mostly waiting for me to populate content, but we did it all ourselves, on our own server hosted by Amazon.  Jonathan  and I spent many, many hours on con-calls figuring stuff out, and Jonathan now knows more about WordPress and WordPress plug-ins than he ever wanted to know and was the driving force behind getting this all done (he really is utterly fabulous – thank you Jon!). Overall, we’re really proud of what we achieved together – it’s a huge improvement over the old site.

By the way, if you haven’t seen them yet, check out the image rotators on the home page and on the training pages which showcase some of Kimberly’s finest underwater photography. You can get hi-res version of those photos here.

Special Offer

To celebrate getting our new website completely live, we’re offering all new clients a special offer. If you sign up for our signature SQL Server Health Check service during the month of April, it will only cost you US$2500. This covers the health check of a single SQL Server instance, plus up to an hour of email/phone review with us about the results, once you’ve read our comprehensive report. That’s more than a 1/3 saving over the usual price!

Check out our SQL Server Health Check description and then let us know that you’re interested.

We’re looking forward to helping you. It’s what we do best.

One thought on “Our new website and April special offer

  1. I love 99designs I’ve used them about a dozen times for web site layouts and logos. I like the new site too. Nice clean and doesn’t feel like I’m surfing the waybackmachine looking at sites from the 90’s :)

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