At the end of December I showed you how to discover if power saving is enabled on your server, which can lead to variable and often degraded performance. I also included a survey to let me know what you found after running the free CPU-Z tool on your servers. See here for the original post.

I want to do a quick post to show you the results of the survey.


The five 'other' results were:

  • "As part of my server build scripts I disable power management"
  • "I thought I had power savings on and it was. However, I had never confirmed. (Personal Computer)"
  • "I thought we had power saving OFF and it was OFF. Good deal."
  • "Not sure if power saving is on — "Core Speed" is 75% of rated speed"
  • "Told IT that they need to change the bios settings and reboot. have they ? have they hell!"

As you can see, almost 40% of the people who tried the tool AND took the time to fill in the survey reported that they discovered power saving was erroneously enabled.

Have you tested your system yet?