Results of CPU power saving survey

At the end of December I showed you how to discover if power saving is enabled on your server, which can lead to variable and often degraded performance. I also included a survey to let me know what you found after running the free CPU-Z tool on your servers. See here for the original post.

I want to do a quick post to show you the results of the survey.


The five 'other' results were:

  • "As part of my server build scripts I disable power management"
  • "I thought I had power savings on and it was. However, I had never confirmed. (Personal Computer)"
  • "I thought we had power saving OFF and it was OFF. Good deal."
  • "Not sure if power saving is on — "Core Speed" is 75% of rated speed"
  • "Told IT that they need to change the bios settings and reboot. have they ? have they hell!"

As you can see, almost 40% of the people who tried the tool AND took the time to fill in the survey reported that they discovered power saving was erroneously enabled.

Have you tested your system yet?


4 thoughts on “Results of CPU power saving survey

  1. My HP laptop is set to "HP Optimized" power plan. When I run CPU-Z, I see my core speed running around 1200 MHz. If I change my plan to "High Performance", I automatically get 3300 MHz which let me think I have a big gain on speed. Unfortunately, I have ran to different benchmarks (Geekbench and Sandra) and I don’t see any difference on the overall score.

    It seems that the only difference is on the "Minimum processor state". The first plan is set 5% while the second one is 100%. Why would I need to run at 100% all the time if there’s no gain ? It’s only a waste of energy.

  2. GeekBench is going to cause the CPU to run at full speed. My post isn’t about laptops, it’s about servers where the CPU doesn’t get hammered enough to kick into full speed, so most of the time executes at a slower speed.

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